Power Supplies on Ventana

3.3V Supply

The Ventana has a very robust power supply for Wireless Radios in the Mini-PCIe slot.

The 3.3V can be accessed in a few other places:

  • JTAG Header - 1A maximum per pin (see user manual)
  • DIO Connector (see below)
  • 5V Supply

5V Supply

The Ventana has a smaller 5V supply typically for USB.

The typical 5V supply varies from 700mA to 1.5A depending on the SBC.

5V may be available on some connectors via an optional resistor loading. See section below about DIO Connectors.

Please consult the hardware manual for more information.

DIO Connector for Power

The JST DIO connector on the Ventana boards has pins rated for 3A maximum. Supplies source may vary. Some boards have loadable resistors for supplying 3.3V or 5.0V to one of the DIO connector pins. Contact sales@… for more info.

Example shown below, in which case R74 being loaded would provide 5V:

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