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    44Gateworks uses the OpenWrt Linux Distribution for its Board Support Package (BSP). From time to time, Gateworks may have patches against upstream OpenWrt to support some features which have not made it upstream or perhaps are not suitable for upstream OpenWrt. Additionally Gateworks provides a Makefile wrapper around OpenWrt to aid in pinning versions of Opensource tree's to versions that Gateworks has tested with.
    6 For more information about the OpenWrt SDK and other features, visit the [wiki:OpenWrt Gateworks OpenWrt Wiki Page].
     6For more information about OpenWrt see [[TitleIndex(OpenWrt)]]
    1515 * Each new bump of 'master' will cause a new branch to be created: bump date_openwrt revision. This is the bleeding edge OpenWrt software from Gateworks and thus includes Gateworks patches on top.
    1616 * When we decide to cut a stable release, the branch name will be: last two char of year.numerical month.version
    17  * master - **This branch is not to be used**. It only serves as a reference point for the latest dated branch and has no Gateworks patches on top of it.
    20 Our ​Git branches currently include:
    21  * 16.02 - Is the latest OpenWrt software from Gateworks
     17 * master - **This branch is not recommended to be used**. It only serves as a reference point for the latest dated branch and is missing any patches that Gateworks has that have not been submitted or accepted upstream as well as the Gateworks support scripts and default config files.
     20Our ​ repository branches currently include:
     21 * 18.0x - **in progress - bleeding edge**
     22  - Update Laguna / Ventana to 4.14 kernels
     23  - Add Newport (octeontx) support
     24  - **currently missing GSC support**
     25 * 16.02 - Is the latest OpenWrt software from Gateworks (**recommended**)
    2226  - Nightly: ​
    2327    * Please view the .manifest file per target to inspect installed packages + their respective versions
    5155    * Support dropped
    5256  - log: ​
    5358[[CollapsibleStart(14.08 - required for Avila / Cambria)]]
    5459 * 14.08 - required for Avila / Cambria
    8086== Revision Log ==
    8187You can see a revision history using the Github web interface:
     88 * [ ​18.0x]
    8289 * [ ​16.02]
    8390 * [ ​14.08]
    8693== OpenWrt BSP Pre-Built Binaries ==
    8794To get an already built image to flash onto the SBC, please visit the following:
     95 * [ Newport OpenWrt Pre-Built Images]
    8896 * [wiki:ventana/openwrt Ventana OpenWrt Pre-Built Images]
    8997 * [wiki:laguna/openwrt Laguna OpenWrt Pre-Built Images]