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    193193 * [wiki:newport Newport Family]
    194194 * [wiki:ventana Ventana Family]
    195  * [wiki:laguna Laguna Family]
    197196== How to Use this Wiki ==
    236235 * [wiki:performance_tuning Performance Tuning For Wired and Wireless Throughput Networking]
    237236 * [wiki:watchdog Watchdog Timer]
    238  * [wiki:laguna/gw2388-4#BootingfrommicroSD Booting Laguna on MicroSD card]
    239237 * [wiki:multicoreprocessing Multi-Core Processing , SMP]
    240238 * [wiki:gateworks_linux_test_commands Helpful Sample Test Commands] - lsusb, lsmod, gpio, i2c, etc
    241  * [wiki:gw2201 GW2201 Octal UART support]
    242239 * [wiki:tftpserver Setting up a TFTP Server]
    243240 * [wiki:modelserialnumber Determining Serial, Model Number, and Software Versions]
    282279Great efforts have been made to ensure our boards are supported by the mainline Linux kernel and U-boot boot-loader.  It's a straight forward process to adapt any Linux distribution you feel is appropriate for your application for use with a Gateworks board, provided the mainline kernel is being used.  We are glad to offer support for questions regarding mainline kernel, and U-boot boot-loader issues, though issues that may be encountered in any given distro's user-space are too varied to provide accurate answers.  If you encounter an issue in user-space we suggest you utilize forums specific to this distro, or recreate the issue using a BSP Gateworks officially supports, see above.  Before selecting a kernel version see our errata pages to check compatibility. 
     280- [wiki:/venice/errata Venice Errata]
     281- [wiki:/newport/errata Newport Errata]
    283282- [wiki:/ventana/errata Ventana Errata]
    284 - [wiki:/newport/errata Newport Errata]
    285 - [wiki:/laguna/errata Laguna Errata]
    287284Tables for mainline kernel version support: