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Please visit this page for an overview of GPS and hardware mappings for your particular SBC.


The goal of this page is to detail GPS usage on the Yocto BSP.


gpsd is the daemon service that Gateworks recommends (and is preinstalled) in order to communicate effectively with an optionally loaded GPS module. There exist several clients that can talk to gpsd such as xgps.

gpsd runs as a service in our Yocto BSPs. By default, we have opted to disable starting it on boot so it does not 'stomp' on another processes TTY device.

In order to configure and enable gpsd, you will have to touch the /etc/default/gpsd file and enable the service. The default configuration is as follows:

root@ventana:~# cat /etc/default/gpsd
# If you must specify a non-NMEA driver, uncomment and modify the next line

GPS_DEVICES and GPSD_OPTIONS should be set to the device you would like gpsd to monitor. For example, on a GW400:


To enable gpsd on boot, please execute the following:

root@ventana:~# update-rc.d gpsd start 35 5 .
 Adding system startup for /etc/init.d/gpsd.

For more information, please visit this page.

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