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     1= Introduction to QT in Buildroot
     3An embedded solution may require a custom graphical interface.  Buildroot and QT makes for an efficient lightweight solution.
     5This guide will walk you through the necessary steps to create a bootable media containing Buildroot and the QT5 Cinematic Experience.  With little adaptation this information can be used to create file systems which support a gamut of QT applications. 
     7- (webpage)
     8- (youtube video)
     10= Building the demo
     12== Recommended hardware
     14- GW54xx
     15- HDMI monitor
     16- Mini HDMI cable to HDMI (for connecting the board and monitor together)
     17- MicroSD card
     18- Power cables
     19- Ethernet
     21** Optionally a different board or video periperhal can be used, this will require adapting the instructions below appropreately. **
     23== Creating Buildroot tarball
     25Clone buildroot:
     28git clone
     31Apply the patch attached to this page:
     34git am 0001-add-Gateworks-Ventana-Qt5-Cinematic-Experience-demo-.patch
     37This config file will create a build config which enables the necessary QT components, the demo we will be testing, a custom kernel version of 5.4.0, and GW54xx deivce trees, among other things.  Make adaptations as necessary for the hardware you have on hand and which ever kernel version you find most appropriate, though you will want to use one with hardware acceleration support.  The other file that will be created by the patch will appear in the /root directory and will be used for configuring QT once in userspace. 
     39** Compiling:
     41Ensure your build is clean.
     43make distclean
     46Load the config created by the patch.
     48make imx6-gwventana-gt5_defconfig
     51Build buildroot.
     56Verify the output file is present.
     59ls output/images/rootfs.tar
     62Follow the instructions on [wiki:/linux/blockdev this page] to create a bootable block storage device using the created tarball.
     64= Running the Demo
     66Login as "root"
     68Export EGLFS video mode settings:
     71export QT_QPA_EGLFS_KMS_CONFIG=/root/ventana.json
     75Execute the demo:
     79= Conclusion
     81This concludes how to build and install the QT5 Cinematic Experience demo in buildroot.  Using "make menuconfig" many different QT applications can be build into buildroot, enjoy experimenting with these various packages.