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    66To improve wireless reliability, quality, and performance in high density areas, [ Galgus] has developed and patented CHT (Cognitive Hotspot Technology), a multi-platform software that may be installed on Gateworks Single Board Computers. CHT software enables !WiFi devices to become intelligent fulfilling their potential capabilities and automatically taking real-time decisions to optimize the wireless performance for every connected user. CHT galvanizes your !WiFi network. APs and routers intelligently measure, share and optimize radio resource. All this is achieved without the need for a central controller. !WiFi devices are aware of their surroundings making joint decisions to best improve performance. There is not a single point of failure and next to no delay in the decision making process. A simple, salable and affordable solution that increases throughput performance by over 400% thereby increasing the capacity of both number of simultaneous clients and the bandwidth availability for high QoS applications such as video streaming.
     8Gateworks has designed and manufactured a reliable and rugged networking platform
     9to ensure CHT runs optimally. The Gateworks Newport family of single board computers
     10(SBCs) feature a powerful networking processor that is optimized for wireless and wired
     11traffic. One of the key features of the Newport SBCs is multiple Mini-PCIe slots that
     12accept wireless cards in different bands, the most common being 2.4 GHz and 5.8GHz,
     13including the latest models with up to four antennas per card. Having multiple radio
     14capability enables the CHT software to provide total coverage and load balancing.
     15Given the environments of commercial and industrial access points, the Newport SBCs
     16are designed to withstand temperatures from -40 to +85 degrees Celsius. The wide
     17voltage input from 8-60VDC, with additional PoE support, ensure operation with nearly
     18any power configuration. As a testament to their ruggedness, the Newport SBCs have
     19a typical mean-time-between-failure rate of more than 40 years.
    821CHT on Gateworks SBCs provides the following advantages:
    2740* Cloud Manager Webinar
    29 == Cloud Manager
     42= Cloud Manager
    3043Cloud Manager is a web interface designed to allow Management, Configuration, Monitoring, Upgrades and Troubleshooting of AP's from any location in the world.  It is an intuitive platform utilizing a top down perspective for remote management of CHT APs and connected clients.  Many features are included in its interface, starting with a map of the globe allowing management of multiple locations spanning continents, network heat-maps, and utilities for extrapolating device capabilities.