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Intelligent Access Points

Everyone and everything is constantly connected to the Internet via wireless. This wireless connection suffers in areas with a high density of users such as on trains, buses, in cafes or in stadiums. Users face slow bandwidth, dropped connections and interference. 

To improve the reliability, quality, and performance in high density areas, AOIFES has created a software solution, Cognitive Hotspot Technology (CHT). The CHT software is intelligent and designed to efficiently handle a large amount of connections. Wireless access points with CHT software installed throughout a train or building can communicate with each other in real time allowing them to make intelligent decisions based on the current load and demand by the users.

CHT on Gateworks SBCs provides the following advantages: 

  • Eliminates Bottlenecks
  • Provides Advanced Load Balancing
  • Increases network capacity and reliability
  • Increases network speed and performance
  • Reduces RF emissions, interference, and electricity consumption
  • Reduces the number of needed Wireless Access Points

CHT Whitepapers

For more information on CHT, please visit the AOIFES Website

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