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    101101 * [ GW16113 Product Page]
     103=== GW16113 JTAG Programming
     104If you are going to develop your own firmware for PSoC on the GW16113 you need the following:
     105 * [ Cypress MiniProg3] Programming kit
     106 * GW16115 Carrier - provides 10-pin JTAG header on the GW16113 via pogo-pins
     108To program or recover a PSoC on the GW16113 you need to program it via JTAG which requires a GW16116 USB carrier that has pogo-pins to mate with the GW16113's JTAG pins. There are two methods involving different versions of the GW16115:
     109- GW16115 pogo-pin adapter with resistor loading for the J1 Cypress 10-pin JTAG header with the Cypress miniProg programmer hardware/software and a .hex file
     110- GW16115 pogo-pin adapter with resistor loading for the J2 Gateworks 10-pin JTAG header with a Gatworks JTAG dongle or gang programmer and a .xsvf file
     112The Cypress PSoC Programmer application needs the following settings:
     113- Open the 'hex' file with firmware you wish to program
     114- Configure device family to: Cy8C5xxxLP
     115- Configure device to: CY8C5888LTQ-LP097
     116- Verification: off
     117- Autodetect: off
     118- Protocol: SWD
     119- Voltage: 3.3V
     1221. Connect !MiniProg to Windows host PC
     1232. Connect !MiniProg 10-pin jtag cable to J1 on GW16115 wich GW16113 loaded (do not provide external power by connecting USB to a host)
     1243. Connect via the connect icon
     1254. Power via the power icon
     1265. Program via the run icon
     129 * Protocol of 5-wire JTAG will work as well and if 5-wire JTAG has been disabled via pin-config it silently falls back to SWD, so I find it better to just use SWD in the first place
     130 * Power on seems optional... it will eventually power the board on regardless
    105134=== Firmware Images ===
    106135The current firmware images available from Gateworks [ here] are:
    107  * GW16113_HID_GPIO - Vendor-ID/Product-ID: 0x2beb:0x1110 - '''beta - current factory default'''
    108   * All pins set to act as a GPIO / DIO.
    109  * GW16113_Composite Vendor-ID/Product-ID: 0x2beb:0x1113 - '''coming soon'''
     136 * GW16113_HID_GPIO - Vendor-ID/Product-ID: 0x2beb:0x1110 (all pins set to act as a GPIO / DIO)
    111138The firmware resides in the 256KB PSoC FLASH therefore is non-volatile and contains both the  bootloader as well as the main application. See [#firmwareupdate below] regarding firmware updates.