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    2828== Board Specific Details
     30The Sterling-LWB is installed on the following Gateworks boards:
    2931 * GW5910
    3032  * WL_REG_ON - PAD_GPIO_5__GPIO1_IO05 - must be driven high to enable !WiFi functionality (handled by kernel)
    3739== Firmware
    38 Firmware is needed for device functionality and it is loaded by the drivers. Several files are needed and depend on your regulatory domain:
     40Firmware is needed for WiFi device functionality and it is loaded by the drivers. While firmware is not needed for Bluetooth functionality providing it will provide fixes and additional functionality over what is already programmed into the device.
     42Note that there are different firmware releases depending on your regulatory domain and these are available from LAIRD at
     44Example Firmware Installation:
    40 apt install unzip
    41 wget
    42 unzip
    43 unzip
    44 tar xvf 480-0079.tar.bz2
     46tar xvf firmware-
    4547mkdir -p /lib/firmware/brcm
    4648cp -ra lib/firmware/brcm/* /lib/firmware/brcm
    47 ln -sf 4343w.hcd /lib/firmware/brcm/BCM43430A1.hcd
    4950 - - FCC firmware:
    118 It is not entirely clear what the benefits are of the BCM43430A1.hcd firmware over the firmware already inside the part. If the firmware is not found, the HCI interface is still registered with the kernel and appears to work.
     119The benefits of the BCM43430A1.hcd patchram firmware over the firmware already inside the part is that additionally functionality is added over time and security vulnerabilities are resolved.
    120121If you have an older kernel or are missing the 'brcm,bcm4330-bt' device-tree binding you can use the {{{brcm_patchram_plus}}} utility to load a firmware via Linux userspace and register the HCI device with the kernel:
    162163The following notes pertain to support in various OS BSPs (Note that in all cases firmware and drivers are needed as noted above):
    163164 * Ubuntu with Gateworks kernel (should also work in mainline kernel):
    164   - BT HCI: works
    165   - !WiFi: client mode works, AP untested
    166  * !OpenWrt master (Linux 4.19)
    167   - BT HCI: works
    168   - !WiFi: works
    169  * !OpenWrt 16.02 (Linux 4.4)
    170   - BT HCI: works (need provide cross-compiled brcm_patchram_plus)
     165  - Bluetooth HCI fully supported
     166  - !WiFi client and AP fully supported
     167 * Gateworks !OpenWrt 20.06 (Linux 5.4.45)
     168  - Bluetooth HCI fully supported
     169  - !WiFi client and AP fully supported
     170 * Gateworks !OpenWrt 16.02 (Linux 4.4)
     171  - Bluetooth HCI fully supported (need provide cross-compiled brcm_patchram_plus)
    171172  - !WiFi: **does not work - brcmfmac from this kernel will crash**