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     223== Why doesn't the reboot or shutdown command work on my system? ==
     225The reboot and shutdown command originated on desktop computer systems with ATX power supplies. The Gateworks boards are powered over DC and are constantly connected to the power source, thus these commands are not typically recommended on embedded systems.
     227Thus, the question arises, what would one expect when using the shutdown command on a Gateworks embedded board? The command itself cannot actually unplug the physical power cord.
     229The reboot command, in it's natural form would only reset the CPU briefly, but often so fast that the entire set of system peripherals don't properly get reset. Thus, Gateworks has steered the reboot command to use a GSC sleep for 2 seconds to act like a reset/reboot, while actually fully power cycling the main supply. This is only implemented in Gateworks BSPs that contain the proper GSC drivers and will not necessarily exist in some of the more mainline releases using mainline kernels. Read more on the [wiki:gscreboot GSC Reboot Wiki Page]