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    269269Getting our GSC driver to be adopted by the mainline kernel community has been an up hill battle, hence the long delay in its implementation.  Many of its features are still accessible using I2C commands and other methods:
    270270* The RTC is compatible with the standard Linux ds1672 RTC driver and thus works with the standard Linux RTC device API.
    271  *
     271 * [wiki:gsc#RealTimeClock GSC RTC]
    272272* Voltage and temperature monitoring can be accomplished using I2C commands.
    273  *
     273 * [wiki:gsc#SystemTemperatureandVoltageMonitor Temp & Voltage Monitor]
    274274* GPIO expansion does not require GSC drivers.
    275  *
    276  *
     275 * [wiki:gsc#GeneralPurposeInputandOutputGPIO GSC GPIO]
     276 * [wiki:gpio Generic GPIO]
    277277* Linux input event support will be lost, there is currently no work around for this.
    278  *
     278 * [wiki:gsc#GSCInputkerneldriver GSC Input Driver]
    279279* Hardware watchdog, this is where you may run into trouble using GSC, though the CPU watchdog will be adequate in many cases.  The issue here will be the inability for the GSC to disable board power.
    280  *
     280 * [wiki:gsc#HardwareWatchdog GSC Watchdog]
    281281* Field firmware updates (via gsc_update tool) do not depend on the gsc driver
    282  *
     282 * [wiki:gsc#GSCUpdates GSC Updates]
     283* GSC Sleep
     284 * [wiki:gsc#HardwareSleepandWake GSC Sleep]