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    3939=== Shock, Vibration, Mil810, etc
    41 Gateworks has not performed shock or vibration or 810g tests.
    43 Gateworks customers have taken Gateworks boards through shock, vibe, and 810g testing but this is done on the complete unit inside an enclosure. The enclosure design is really the most important aspect for passing something like 810g.
    45 One of the requirements is to withstand some pretty substantial shock. Gateworks can do things like add in BGA underfill and epoxy to the boards to allow specific components to handle more shock.
    47 With regards to the humidity and moisture requirements, [wiki:conformalcoating conformal coating] is typically used to meet these standards.
    49 Overall, Gateworks boards are well positioned to be used in these type of applications but Gateworks would need to work with each customer to determine the best way to meet the standard.
     41Gateworks does not take its boards through formal shock and vibration testing since this is typically done on the complete system, including the enclosure which can be a significant factor. Additionally, there are a large number of standards/requirements which are dependent upon the specific application.
     43Gateworks does use best design practice standards to insure our boards work in these type of environments and many Gateworks customers have fielded our products in very harsh and high vibration environments such as mining vehicles, construction equipment, farm equipment, military vehicles, drones/UAVs and airplanes We also can offer as part of our customer special program, additional processes such as BGA underfill, conformal coating and epoxy and stake bonding of specific components for additional ruggedization. 
     45With regards to the humidity and moisture requirements, [wiki:conformalcoating conformal coating] is typically used to meet these standards and Gateworks can provide this as an additional process for customer specials.
    5147== What is Gateworks Export Classification? ==