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    336336Common solutions include:
    337337 * Install a ferrite around the power cable
     338  * Something with a low frequency would be best if trying to eliminate 280KHz and it's harmonics. Here is a link for a snap-on core to try. The snap-on is more expensive than a solid core so once proofed out it may be considered to change to a solid core. Note it is also possible to loop the power wire several times through the core and the more loops made the more attenuation.
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    338343 * Typically a large in-line inductor (around 22uH on +VCC input) will provide enough filtering. Note that this inductor has to be sized to handle the amount of current the board is drawing under load. Locate it as close as possible to the board. Note that the inductor will slow the rise/fall time of the input voltage so test with a particular configuration to make sure there are no start-up issues. These inductors can be quite large, especially for high current applications.
    339344  * Here would be a suggested example part: []