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    633633[ Contact Gateworks Support Team]
     635== RAK2247 PCIe Reset Solutions
     637The RAK2247 card is made in a way that is not compatible out of the box with Gateworks boards by default. This is related to the PCIe reset signal. Gateworks strictly follows the Mini-PCIe specification which labels the reset as an active low. The RAK2247 is configured for an active high.
     640 * '''(Preferred)''' Purchase a RAK2247 with the mod for active low as discussed in the forum thread from RAK wireless (
     641 * Temporarily, for proof of concept, add a piece of masking tape to block pin 22 on the RAK2247 card.
     642 * Purchase a Gateworks SBC that has a resistor on pin 22 that can be unloaded
     643 * Modify the device tree and control the GPIO through userspace as long as you are not affecting anything in the other PCIe slot. For example, if using a SBC with 3 Mini-PCIe slots, and WiFi radios are in two slots, and the RAK2247 in the third slot, hitting the reset via GPIO will negatively affect the WiFi radios. Thus, this technique is likely only good for temporary prototyping.