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A bootloader is typically used in Embedded computers and is responsible for the following:

  • DRAM controller configuration
  • launching the Operating System. For Linux this means:
    • loading the kernel from storage media (flash, mmc, network, sata, etc)
    • loading the device-tree-blob (dtb) from storage media (for kernels and boards that use device-tree)
    • loading a ramdisk from storage media (optional - typically the kernel is passed parameters that instead will mount a rootfs)
  • enough low-level chip configuration necessary to do the above
  • any other early chip configuration necessary that may not handled by the Operating System

Some typical examples of bootloaders that Gateworks uses:

  • U-Boot (used on Ventana, Rincon, and Laguna)
  • Redboot (used on Avila, and Cambria)

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