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    448448See Linux documentation for more information.
     450= Creating your own defconfig. 
     452The config files contained in the Gateworks kernel repos generally enable nearly everything or almost nothing.  This can be inconvenient if you're looking for a config that represents what's minimally needed while enabling what's necessary for the board to function as it's intended. 
     454For Buildroot we have: [ gwventana_minimal_kernel_defconfig] (for Ventana)
     456This config can be adapted to be used with Ubuntu by disabling CPIO and enabling module support.  With this done other features can be added that are specific to your application such as radio or modem support.  Configuring the kernel can be an iterative process making it beneficial to create a defconfig once the essential features required have been enabled.
     4581. Make the changes required by your application using "make menuconfig", save and exit.
     4591. Execute "make savedefconfig", this will create the file "./defconfig".
     4601. Copy or move this file to "arch/arm/configs" or whatever is appropriate for your platform.
     4611. Rename the file so the filename ends in "_defconfig", for example "filename_defconfig".
     4621. When this config is required, "make distclean" to wipe out the old config and any patches, then "make <filename_defconfig>"
     4631. If required use "make menuconfig" to make additional changes then save.  If no changes are required proceed with your build as normal. 
     465== Make HELP
     467Executing "make help" will provide a complete list of available targets with explanations.  This list will also include available defconfigs.