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Ubuntu on Malibu

This page provides details on running Ubuntu on a Gateworks Malibu Board.

Other references:

Gateworks pre-built Ubuntu based Disk Images for Malibu

Gateworks provides a pre-built Ubuntu based firmware images for the Malibu Family:

Login Information (default)

  • Username: root
  • Password: root


  • Ubuntu aarch64 core
  • Gateworks Malibu Linux kernel
  • eth0 dhcp with a 10 second timeout
  • User: root password: root
  • Packages installed on top of core including:
    • Updated modemmanager/libqmi-utils/libmbim-utils (see ubuntu/modem)
    • Misc wireless: wpasupplicant iw
    • Misc utils: vim can-utils i2c-tools usbutils pciutils screen watchdog binutils
    • Misc network: wget ethtool iperf iperf3 openssh-server iptables
    • Linux firmware
    • Gateworks hostapd-conf script
    • Filesystem tools: e2fstools parted
  • first-boot script to grow root filesystem partition and filesystem (useful when putting disk images on removable storage devices)
  • use ifupdown tools instead of netplan (we find them easier to understand and configure)

To install the kernel and root filesystem on a removable block storage device see below.


To build a complete Ubuntu image, including all the boot firmware, start with the Malibu BSP page as the easiest option.

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