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     3= Newport Errata =
    134The below errata only affects certain models and certain revisions.
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    16 Please contact support@… with any questions.
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     6Please contact with any questions.
     9== NP1 Occasional failure to detect GigE PHY on GW6300-B ==
     12 * The TI DP83867 PHY's are occasionally not detected on board power-up. This is caused by the MDIO voltage rail inappropriately tied to 3.3V instead of the desired 2.5V as well as the lack of a RST# signal going to the PHY's which should not be necessary per the datasheet but has been found experimentally to be required. Upon failure the Boot Firmware will fail to detect the PHY on the MDIO channel and the network device will not be present.
     15 * This is resolved on PCB 02210153-02 (GW630x-C) (Rev C)
     16 * This is resolved via re-work (cut/wire) on GW630x-B.3 (Rev B.3)
     18Affected Product:
     19 * GW630x-B (PCB 02210153-01)