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Newport Thermal Ratings

Gateworks pre-installs a heatsink on the CPU for all Newport boards. This heatsink provides basic cooling for the board during development but customers need to design their own thermal solution based on their particular enclosure, environment and operating conditions.

The Cavium CN80xx Octeon TX CPU is rated at:

  • 800MHz Dual Core (CN8020 - BGA676)
    • Max - 100C Tj (Junction Temperature), 95C Tc (Case Temperature)
    • Min - -40C Tj (Junction Temperature), -40C Tc (Case Temperature)
  • 1.5GHz Quad Core (CN8030 - BGA676)
    • Max 95C Tj (Junction Temperature), 90C Tc (Case Temperature)
    • Min - -40C Tj (Junction Temperature), -40C Tc (Case Temperature)

Newport Power Dissipation

The following table provides typical power consumption for the various Newport board models without any attached peripherals.

Board GW6100 GW6200 GW6300 GW6304 GW6400 GW6404
Linux Prompt TBD TBD 6.0W 8.2W TBD TBD
Linux Stress TBD TBD 7.2W 10.3W TBD TBD
  • GW6300 = Dual Core 800MHz CN8020
  • GW6304 = Quad Core 1.5GHz CN8030

Newport Thermal Image

The following image is for the GW6300 board with the stock Gateworks heatsink.

  • Test Condition: 2 hours, Linux prompt, natural convection
  • Tambient @ 25C, CPU @ 75.9C, Board @ 67.5C.

Thermal Picture GW6300

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