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    1010See also:
    1111 * [wiki:ubuntu Gateworks Ubuntu page]
     15== Gateworks pre-built Ubuntu Disk Image ==
     16Gateworks provides a pre-built Ubuntu firmware images for the Newport Family:
     17 * [ linux-newport.tar.bz2] - Compressed TAR archive of pre-built Linux kernel
     18 * [ xenial-newport.tar.bz2] - Compressed TAR archive of Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial arm64 root filesystem (does not include kernel)
     19 * [ xenial-newport.img.gz] - Compressed Disk Image containing Firmware, Linux kernel, and Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial root filesystem. To update the firmware using this see [wiki:newport#serial-ethernet here]
     22- Ubuntu 16.04 aarch64 core (from debootstrap instructions)
     23- Gateworks Newport Linux kernel (Linux 4.14 based)
     24- several pre-installed packages
     25- eth0 dhcp
     26- user root passwd root
     28To install the kernel and root filesystem on a removable block storage device see [#disk-images below].
     32== Disk Images ==
     33Gateworks releases disk images that can be easily flashed using the U-Boot Bootloader (see [wiki:newport#serial-ethernet here]). These disk images contain a partition table so they are tailored to the specific eMMC device on the boards they are intended for. Additionally they are configured for a small partition size to keep flash programming time at a minimum. This requires resizing the rootfs partition be resized in order to take advantage of the remaining flash space.
     35The script used to create these images can be found on !GitHub [ here] and an example usage is:
     37sudo ./mkimage /tmp/xenial-newport 7264 1536 firmware-newport.img xenial-newport.tar.bz2 linux-newport.tar.bz2
     39 * The user partition of the 8GiB eMMC used on Newport is 7264MB
     40 * We need around 1536MB of partition space for the extracted kernel and root filesystem
     42To flash this compressed disk image to a board see [wiki:newport#serial-ethernet here]
     44To install the kernel and root filesystem on a removable block storage device see [wiki:linux/blockdev].