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    137137 1. Requires cross-over cable if using with a Gateworks board on a port that has half-rectified passive PoE (ie Ventana)
    138138 2. This product is not compatible with the [#half-rectified half rectified 802.3af] used on certain Ventana and Laguna products
     140= PoE Output
     142Please note all PoE information on Gateworks SBCs and website pertain to PoE input to power the single board computer. There have been requests for Gateworks to offer PoE output to power something like an IP camera. There is usually a possibility of Gateworks modifying the SBC to allow for passive PoE output on the ethernet port that originally was designed for passive PoE input. This is achieved by reversing the protection diodes. Thus, the barrel jack input voltage would then be output through the passive PoE port in a passive fashion only. Active 802.3af output would not be provided.
     144Gateworks does offer PoE output on the GW16083 expansion board with the GW16104 [ here]