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V2X - Vehicle to Anything

V2X is a technology to allow a vehicle to communicate with other items. This uses a special RF Radio. More details are provided in the Gateworks V2X Guide

Venice GW73xx V2X

The Gateworks Venice GW7300 Single Board Computer (SBC) can be used to host the Unex V2X Radio. The SOM-301x radio requires 5V, 3.3V and USB 2.0. The 3.3V and USB 2.0 are provided by default but the 5V is not.

To enable 5V access on the J10 Mini-PCIe slot, the following resistors need to be loaded at the Gateworks factory before ordering:

  • R5, R6, R102, R101 for 5V (use 02240128)


The below are optional and are often avoided to avoid any conflicts:

  • R104, R103 for UART3 (use 02240128) *Note UART3 is also used for the onboard WiFi/BLE and will conflict

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