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    88For each step in the typical boot process, a splash screen can usually be configured for the duration of its operation. For example, the IMX6 processor used on Ventana boards starts with a Primary Boot Loader (PBL) (this is firmware inside the IMX6 which can not be modified), a Secondary Program Loader (SPL) which configures DRAM and loads the main bootloader, then the OS kernel itself. The first place a splash screen can be configured is the bootloader where typically a static splash is displayed. This image can be switched out or left in place by the kernel. Finally, depending on the operating system, a dynamic animated splash may be enabled in early userspace init which leads to a GUI if available once init is complete.
    10 Where you want implement a splash screen depends on the desired effect. For example:
     11 * Note: Times will vary depending based on hardware, OS, and configuration. Times shown are for the default development configuration without boot speed tuning.
     13From the above timelines you can see where it may be most useful to implement a splash screen. For example:
    1114 * if your intention is to provide feedback within the first second of power-up then you must do this in the bootloader (but be aware it will not persist for more than 1.5 seconds or so
    1215 * if your intention is to provide feedback within the first 2 seconds then you'll get the most bang-for-your buck using a kernel splash