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    454454 * GW53xx-G+
    455455 * GW54xx-G+
     459== HW27: Reverse Current Susceptibility
     461 * While 'reverse polarity' protection exists on most Gateworks boards allowing Vin polarity reversal to not damage boards, 'reverse current' protection does not exist on certain boards which could cause board damage under specific situations. A condition which would allow for such damage is if a board was connected to a Power-Over-Ethernet supply (regardless of if it is enabled for Active PoE) as well as at the same time powered with a lower voltage supply connected to board input power (ie barrel jack or 2-pin Vin aux connector). For example powering a board with 48V PoE at the same time as a 24V supply on the barrel jack would cause power to flow from the higher PoE positive rail back through the supply connected to the barrel jack which could put the supply in an over-current failure mode that sinks current directly to ground damaging the Gateworks board.
     463Affected Products:
     464 * GW5908-A (PCB 02210189-00)
     465 * GW5912-A (PCB 02210200-00)
     466 * GW54xx-G/H (PCB 02210121-06, 02210121-07)
     467 * GW53xx-G (PCB 02210120-06)