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    466466 * GW54xx-G/H (PCB 02210121-06, 02210121-07)
    467467 * GW53xx-G (PCB 02210120-06)
     470== HW28: MAC Address ETH1 GW53xx/GW54xx
     472 * The MAC address of ETH1 is programmed the same as ETH0(MAC0). Thus, duplicate MAC's exist on both ETH interfaces.
     473 * Note, it is very rare this would be encountered. It would require to have both ethernet ports plugged into identical network segments. This is a specialized case. Even in a case where a failover is being used, everything would still work as the failover port wouldn't be active until the primary port fails. Performing things like bonding or assigning a port to a virtual server are scenarios where this errata may affect the system.
     476 * Manually set the ETH1 to MAC1 at runtime each time the board boots with the following script:
     477  *
     479# Obtain the 2nd MAC address from the Gateworks System Controller EEPROM
     480mac1=$(i2cdump -f -y 0 0x51 | grep "00: " | cut -c 23-39 | tr " | " ":")
     481# set the address
     482ip link set dev eth1 down
     483ip link set dev eth1 address $mac1
     484ip link set dev eth1 up
     485ip link show eth1
     487 * Return the SBC to Gateworks via an RMA to have the board reprogrammed.
     489Affected Products:
     490 * GW53xx-G
     491 * GW54xx-G.1
     493Fixed In:
     494 * GW53xx-G.1
     495 * GW54xx-G.2