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    5756        <a href="#HW19:GW16082irqmapping">HW19: GW16082 irq mapping</a>
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     59        <a href="#VENTANAHW20:16bitYUVHDMIcapturenotsupported">VENTANA HW20: 16bit YUV HDMI capture not supported</a>
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     62        <a href="#VENTANAHW21:1stGenerationQCA802.11nPCIedevicesmaynotenumerateproperly">VENTANA HW21: 1st Generation QCA 802.11n PCIe devices may not enumerate …</a>
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    479484<ul><li>GW16082-A (PCB 02210130-00)
    480485</li><li>GW16082-B (PCB 02210130-01)
    481 </li></ul
     487<span class="wikianchor" id="HW20"></span>
     489<h2 id="VENTANAHW20:16bitYUVHDMIcapturenotsupported">VENTANA HW20: 16bit YUV HDMI capture not supported</h2>
     493<ul><li>The GW551x-C is missing HS/VS/PCK/DE signalling and can not capture HDMI video in 16bit synchronous mode.
     497<ul><li>Use bt656 mode. A <a class="ext-link" href=""><span class="icon">​</span>bootloader fixup</a> is available in the latest Gateworks bootloader which configures GW551x-C to use yuv422bt656 mode instead of the default yuv422smp mode. This work-around lowers the max resolution that can be captured to 1080p@30Hz.
     499Fixed in:
     501<ul><li>GW551x-D (PCB 02210161-03)
     503Affected Products:
     505<ul><li>GW551x-C (PCB 02210161-02)
     507<span class="wikianchor" id="HW21"></span>
     509<h2 id="VENTANAHW21:1stGenerationQCA802.11nPCIedevicesmaynotenumerateproperly">VENTANA HW21: 1st Generation QCA 802.11n PCIe devices may not enumerate properly</h2>
     513<ul><li>Recent revision Ventana boards with PCIe bridges may not enumerate 1st generation QCA 802.11n PCIe devices properly resulting in devices showing up as VendorID 0x168c and DeviceID 0xff1c. This has been observed on AR9280 (168c:002a) and AR9285 (168c:002b) and is caused by the PERST# line being de-asserted on power-up before PCIe clock is stable. Even though PERST# is later asserted and de-asserted these 1st generation QCA 802.11n PCIe devices can get stuck and not complete their initialization.
     517<ul><li>A 1kohm pull-down resistor can be added to the PERST# signal.
     519Fixed in:
     521<ul><li>GW5200-E (PCB 02210119-04)
     522</li><li>GW5300-G (PCB 02210120-06)
     523</li><li>GW5400-G (PCB 02210121-06)
     524</li><li>GW5520-D (PCB 02210147-03)
     525</li><li>GW5904-D (PCB 02210184-03)
     527Affected Products:
     529<ul><li>GW5200-C/D (PCB 02210119-02 02210119-03)
     530</li><li>GW5300-C/D/E/F (PCB 02210120-02 02210120-03 02210120-04 02210120-05)
     531</li><li>GW5400-E/F (PCB 02210121-04 02210121-05)
     532</li><li>GW5520-B/C (PCB 02210147-01 02210147-02)
     533</li><li>GW5904-A/B/C (PCB 02210184-00 02210184-01 02210184-02)