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Freescale Unit Tests

Freescale has setup some unit tests that can be found on the Yocto BSP.

Building the Package

The package is installed by default in our gateworks-gui-image however if you want to install it manually the package is imx-test (eg imx-test_12.09.01-r7.0_ventana.ipk) The versions differ per Yocto BSP release.

These can be compiled with a:

bitbake imx-test


Once the imx-test*.ipk is installed on the target board you will find the tests located under the /unit-tests directory.

Below is a listing of the tests:

root@ventana:/unit_tests# ls
akiyo.mp4                               ipudev_config_file              
audio8k16S.wav                          memtool                         mxc_asrc_test.out                          mxc_epdc_fb_test.out                           mxc_fb_test.out                         mxc_i2c_slave_test.out                          mxc_i2c_test.out                       mxc_i2c_test_magna_cam.out                  mxc_i2c_test_samsung_cam.out                    mxc_i2c_test_usb.out                       mxc_iim_test.out                     mxc_ipudev_test.out                                     mxc_isl29023.out                                   mxc_l2switch_test.out                           mxc_mlb_test.out                          mxc_pf_test.out                          mxc_sdma_test.out                          mxc_spdc_fb_test.out                        mxc_spi_test1.out                   mxc_tuner_test.out                                                    mxc_uart_test.out                         mxc_uart_xmit_test.out
check_2w1r.out                          mxc_v4l2_capture.out
check_audio.out                         mxc_v4l2_output.out
check_ioctls.out                        mxc_v4l2_overlay.out
check_minor_open.out                    mxc_v4l2_still.out
check_mixer.out                         mxc_v4l2_tvin.out
check_recording.out                     mxc_vpu_test.out
check_synchronization.out               pxp_test.out
check_volume2.out                       rtc_timesetnotification_test.out                               rtctest.out
config_dec                              rtcwakeup.out
config_encdec                           scc_test
config_net                              stefan_interlaced_320x240_5frames.yv12                                                                             wall-1024x768-565.rgb                                  wdt_driver_test.out
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