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10/11/2019 04:44:56 PM (4 years ago)
Tim Harvey

added workaround for initramfs-tools failure on Ubuntu 16.04 hosts due to qemu-2.5 not having syscall 373


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    126126Important notes:
    127127 * We set and use '''target''' and '''distro''' env variables in step 2 and use those env variables in the remaining steps to make this tutorial more version-agnostic. Please be aware of this and do not deviate from the steps unless or until you completely understand what you are doing.
     128 * While operating under the qemu chroot (ie on the host system) you may encounter 'qemu: Unsupported syscall'. Note that messages from QEMU about unsupported syscalls are often harmless, because typically they only appear for relatively new syscalls which QEMU hasn't implemented yet. The guest code will have a fallback path so it works on older kernels which don't implement the syscall, so a message is printed but the application still runs. So if the guest program is failing then it is quite likely to be for an entirely unrelated reason to the missing syscalls.
     130Host specific notes:
     131 * Ubuntu 16.04:
     132  - **qemu: Unsupported syscall: 373**: an [ update] to initramfs-tools adds a 'sync -f' which isn't supported on qemu-2.5 used by Xenial 16.04. This is fixed in qemu-2.11 (used on Ubuntu 18.04 and beyond). This will cause initramfs updates to fail which may be used if you are trying to use a kernel needing an initramfs. To work around the issue you can comment out the 'sync -f' call in update-initramfs:
     134sed -i 's/sync/#sync/' /usr/sbin/update-initramfs
     135dpkg --configure -a # re-run any halted postinst scripts