Gateworks Venice Family Ordering Options

The following is a list of part numbers for ordering board versions with the optional GPS, WiFi?, etc loaded. For other options contact the factory for a customer specific special. Note customer specials require a minimum 100 piece build size.

Development kits include the standard board.

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Generic Numbering Theory

Gateworks has created a numbering theory for each model.

Part numbers ending in:

  • 00 = Add GPS to standard board
  • 01 = Maximum board configuration increase flash memory to 64GB + increase DDR Memory to Max (4GB, depending) + Add peripherals

These are simply guidelines.

Please consult each specific model below for verification.


Development Kit = GW11049

GW7300-00 = Standard Stocking Model

GW7301-01 Max Board Version - 4GB DDR Memory + 64GB Flash + GPS + WiFi?/BLE = Standard Stocking Model

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