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Yocto Linux

Gateworks supports Yocto Linux for the Ventana Product Family Board Support Package. Yocto is a linux build system that is used by many Embedded Linux Distributions (ie Angstrom, Poky, and more).

Yocto is a linux build system derived from Yocto and offers stable snapshot and excellent documentation.

Latest Supported Release

Yocto 1.8

Yocto Information

Kernel Support

We aim to provide the following in our default kernel configurations used for our Yocto BSP:

  • up-to-date Wireless drivers via linux-backports
    • commonly used 802.11ac / 802.11n / 802.11a/b/g Qualcomm / Atheros chip based cards
    • commonly used USB based wireless devices
    • commonly used USB based bluetooth host controllers
  • on-board embedded peripherals (ie i2c and spi based peripherals used on our boards)
  • Gateworks expansion peripherals

In other words we specifically do not typically include support for PCI sound-cards, PCI video-capture cards, and a full suite of USB based peripherals. We try to include support for peripherals commonly used with our boards.

If you have a particular add-on card (PCI or USB) that you are using with our boards and have a stable open-source driver for it feel free to contact support@… to ask if we can add it in our standard board-support packages.

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