Cloud Management for Gateworks SBCs

Management of Customer Premise Equipment such as Access Points and Cellular Failover SBCs is a critical aspect of any deployment. Managing multiple CPEs at a site or managing multiple sites can be very challenging leading to delays in provisioning / troubleshooting issues or doing software upgrades.

Gateworks and Benison Technologies have partnered to bring Cloud Based Management to Gateworks products. Nirad is a highly customizable Cloud Management Solution to provide Zero Touch Provisioning and Remote Management of Networks.

Benison has partenred with Gateworks to create a OpenWRT image that has been tested to automatically “dial home”to the Nirad Cloud and be visible anywhere in the world.

Nirad is suited for

  1. OEMs - Offer Cloud Management of their products and enable an additional revenue stream
  2. Managed Service Providers - Ability to manage all CPE devices for all customers on a “Single Pane of Glass”
  3. Enterprises – Ability for IT to manage, provision and troubleshoot CPEs at all locations

Depending on your requirements, Benison can customize Nirad to extend its functionality.

Nirad on Gateworks offers the following advantages:

  1. Zero Touch Provisioning
  2. CPE (Access Point / Cellular Failover SBC) Configuration and Status Visibility
  3. Remote Software Upgrades
  4. Radio configurations
  5. SSID Configurations
  6. Carrier settings (SIM / APNs)
  7. TCP/IP Configurations
  8. CPE and Network Statistics
  9. Client Statistics

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