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    178178* Support for 50 nodes in network is for the MAC-!CoProcessor configuration, where the network employs full MAC level security (AES-128).
    179179The Security table can take up all available RAM considering 500 bytes packets so some trade off are possible if the max packet size that must be supported by the application is smaller and the network size can go bigger (probably not reach 1K nodes). The network can scale up to much more nodes if for instance the security is removed at MAC level and deployed at application level (the code is hosted on Linux). The actual network size would be in that case more limited by the traffic profile (ie how frequently data is exchanged).
     181== Range Testing ==
     183Gateworks did some range testing with the GW10124 2dBi Omni Antenna on the 915Mhz band.
     184A successful link was acquired at 4500ft/1.4km over water.
     186Using a directional antenna, it is very likely the range could be increased further. Additionally, there is different modes and tuning that can be done in software to increase the range, such as LRM (long range mode).
     188More range information may be found on the [ TI E2E Forums]
    181192== Glossary ==