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    5353 * More information can be found online about these items, including this article [ here]
     55The SARA-R4 supports the following types of connections:
     56 * QMI (using /dev/cdc-wdm0 and /sys/class/net/wwan0) (**recommended but requires firmware M0.10.00 or later**)
     57 * PPP (using the TTY for AT commands and data) (not recommended as this requires dynamic configuration of the tty device due to USB enumeration order not being garunteed as well as configuration of chat scripts and does not allow concurant AT commands and network support)
    5660=== CAT M1 SIM Support
    6165* Activate the included SIM here: []
    6567[ We have tested this Verizon SIM as well]. '''Note''' this SIM will not automatically work with the GW16126 because the GW16126 is not end device certified with Verizon. Customers will need to work with their particular cellular carrier to get test SIMs that will work properly with the modem. Certification should also be discussed at the same time.
    6769One may also want to disable system updates that may run in the background on the OS that is being used to avoid any overages on the SIM data plan.
     73=== Firmware
     74see [ UBX-16029218 SARA-R4/N4 series System Integration Manual] for firmware update details.
     76The SARA-R4 Firmware can be updated in the following ways:
     77 - Firmware update Over AT (FOAT): Allows upgrading of the module firmware via binary 'delta' files over the AT interface using AT commands.
     78 - Firmware update Over The Air (uFOTA): Allows upgrading the module firmware via binary 'delta' files over the air interface based on u-blox client/server solution (uFOTA), using Lightweight M2M (LWM2M). This requires the customer creats a campaign with u-blox to identify IMEI's of modems and access to the u-blox uFOTA server
     79 - EasyFlash is a windows application that allows flashing of 'full' firmware images
     81You can use the {{{ATI}}} command on the AT tty to determine the firmware version (see [#at AT commands below])
    100114''' Note, because this modem uses raw-ip, the IP from the provider will not automatically be applied to the interface. The provider will give an IP and then it must manually be applied to the wwan0 interface.'''
    102118==== AT Commands
    103119For a detailed list of all AT commands see:
    134150# background process to read TTY responses
    135151cat $DEVICE &
     152at() { echo -n -e "$1\r" > $DEVICE; }
    136153at "AT+COPS=2" # deregister from network
    137154at "AT+UMNOPROF=0" # set MNO to auto
    351368===== OpenWrt
    352369Note that OpenWrt 18.06 or newer has support for this modem.
    353 {{{#!bash
    354 config interface 'wan'
    355         option ifname 'wwan0'
    356         option proto 'qmi'
    357         option apn      hologram
    358         option device   '/dev/cdc-wdm0'
    359         option autoconnect      0
    360         option modes    lte
    361 }}}
     371Example configurations:
     372 * QMI (recommended):
     374# config wan
     375uci set network.wan=interface
     376uci set network.wan.ifname=wwan0
     377uci set network.wan.proto=qmi
     378uci set network.wan.timeout=90
     379uci set network.wan.device=/dev/cdc-wdm0
     380uci commit network
     382  - the default registration timeout of 10 seconds may not be enough so in the example above we have set it to 90 seconds.