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    563563Note that all of the above has to be good before you can obtain a data connection with your provider via the 'qmi-network start' command which is the step that requires a proper APN that your provider supports.
     565=== Additional Notes for Improving Stability ===
     566* ublox SARA-R4 Firmware 06.08 resolves MTU issues that caused QMI to fail (pings work as they are 64byte packets but IP wouldn't work on old firmware). Both the older and newer firmware versions are reliable with pppd but when using pppd you must take it down to use AT commands which means your can create a lapse of IP. To update the firmware you must use the ublox Windows EasyFlash utility.
     568* The default wget timeout in OpenWrt (uclient-fetch) has a 30sec timeout by default. Be aware of this if using this for testing as you may want to increase that timeout depending on your situation.
     570* Boot failures can occasionally occur where the wan interface is not up in OpenWrt if the modem registration takes longer than OpenWrt's default timeout of 10 seconds. This can be set with the 'timeout' option in the QMI config (see config below).
     572* Configuring the modem via profiles works much better than trying to specify the items within the parameters manually. An example profile is:
     575DEVICE=/dev/$(for i in $(ls -d /sys/bus/usb/drivers/option/*/ttyUSB*);
     576do basename $i; done | tail -n1)
     577stty -F $DEVICE ignbrk -brkint -icrnl -opost -onlcr -isig -icanon
     578-iexten -echo -echoe -echok -echoctl -echoke
     579cat $DEVICE &
     581at() { echo -n -e "$1\r" > $DEVICE; }
     582at "AT+CGMI" # u-blox
     583at "AT+CGMM" # SARA-R410M-52B
     584at "AT+CSQ" # signal quality
     585at "AT+COPS=2" # disconnect from network
     586at "AT+UMNOPROF=0" # set to auto
     587at "AT+UMNOPROF=3" # set to VZW
     588at "AT+CFUN=15" # reset modem which will re-enumerate
     589Show quoted text
     590set it to 0 first so that it re-configured everything in the profile
     592Gateworks OpenWrt configuration:
     593- OpenWrt 18.06.02 (sha a02809f61bf9fda0387d37bd05d0bcfe8397e25d)
     601uci set network.lan=
     602Show quoted text
     603uci set network.wan=interface
     604uci set network.wan.ifname=wwan0
     605uci set network.wan.proto=qmi
     606uci set network.wan.device=/dev/cdc-wdm0
     607uci set network.wan.timeout=30
     608uci commit network
    566613== u-blox NINA-B301 BLE module