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GW16140 / GW16141 Mini-PCIe to M.2 Cellular Modem Adapters

These adapters convert a Mini-PCIe slot on the Gateworks SBC to a M.2 B-Key slot for a M.2 Cellular Modem with Dual SIM slots. The adapter also provides SIM support for slots without a SIM.

This page is specifically about the M.2 adapter, but note Gateworks has a dedicated Cellular Modem Wiki Page

This adapter passes through USB signalling designed primarily for Cellular / LTE Modems. The adapter does not pass through any PCIe signalling. This adapter will not work for any 4xPCIe NVME M.2 cards. Each Mini-PCIe slot only has 1xPCIe and PCIe signalling is not passed through.

This wiki page describes the technical usage details of the adapter. For pictures, datasheets and ordering, please view the GW16140/GW16141 Product Page on the main Gateworks Website.

It is important to compare the M.2 Pinout of the modem to the M.2 pinout of the GW1614x. to verify no pin conflicts.

There are 2 derivations of the GW1614x shown below.

M.2 Card Size Support

Supports M.2 / NGFF Sizes

  • 2242 (22mm wide by 42mm long)
  • 3042 (30mm wide by 42mm long)
  • 1630 (Special Order)
  • 2230 (Special Order)
  • 3030 (Special Order)
  • Over 42mm long Coming in Future

GW16140 - USB 2.0

  • M.2 B-Key
    • Supported on all Ventana family
    • USB 2.0 slots on Newport SBCs
      • GW6200 - J8
      • GW6300 - J9 & J10
      • GW6400 - J9 & J10 & J11
  • USB 2.0
    • Pin 7 USB+
    • Pin 9 USB-
  • Power and Ground - Various M.2 Pins per M.2 B-Key Spec
  • W_Disable Pin 8
  • SIM 1 - Pin 30,32,34,36
  • SIM 2 - Pin 42,44,46,48

GW16141 - USB 3.0

This is a USB 3.0 B-Key version. USB 3.0 is only supported by certain slots on Newport SBCs, USB 3.0 is not supported on Ventana. For Ventana boards always use GW16140.

  • M.2 B-Key
  • Do not use on Ventana family
  • USB 3.0 slots on Newport SBCs - Note the USB 3.0 signals overlap with the PCIe signals so some boards have a mux to allow the slot to be configured for either PCIe signaling or USB 3.0 signaling. See link here for controlling the mux using HWCONFIG.
    • GW6100 - J6 (PCIe/USB 3.0 mux)
    • GW6200 - J6 (PCIe/USB 3.0 mux)
    • GW6300 - J11 (PCIe/USB 3.0 mux)
    • GW6400 - J12 (no mux - only supports USB 3.0)
  • USB 3.0
    • Pin 29 USB3 RX-
    • Pin 31 USB3 RX+
    • Pin 35 USB3 TX-
    • Pin 37 USB3 TX+
  • Power and Ground - Various M.2 Pins per M.2 B-Key Spec
  • W_Disable Pin 8
  • SIM 1 - Pin 30,32,34,36
  • SIM 2 - Pin 42,44,46,48


Please email Gateworks support for any further questions

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