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    911911The GSC has the ability to put the board into a 'Hardware Sleep' mode by disabling the primary power supply. This is very useful in many applications that do not require 24 hour operation and need to save power. In this mode the only item drawing power is the GSC itself (powered by a coin-cell battery or similar power source). There are two ways the GSC can engage a board sleep event, via register timers or pushbutton hold.
     913Note that when 'sleeping' the processor is completely powered down and no data is retained. From the main CPU perspective, this is a complete shutdown and power up. Nothing is retained in what may be thought of as a 'hibernate' on desktop PCs.
    914916=== Pushbutton Sleep
    930932 * '''NOTE''' : If performing sleep without a coin cell battery, a maximum of 4 seconds should be used for resetting the board. Anything longer may cause the GSC to lose power and subsequently not allow it to wake up without pressing the pushbutton or power cycling the main power supply.
    932 ==== Board sleeping Example ====
     934==== Board Sleeping Example ====
    933935The preferred method is to use the sysfs powerdown hook from the GSC driver as this takes care of the math and retries for you:
    934936 * Using the gsc-driver: