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    14171417The coin cell battery used provides power for the GSC to run while board power is removed (or in some cases when the GSC has removed the board's primary power via GSC sleep).
     1419Newer Gateworks SBCs are now starting to use a rechargeable battery.
     1420For which models support this, please see the SBC revisions wiki page: [wiki:sbcrevisions]
     1422The new rechargeable battery is defined as a 3.3V Lithium Rechargeable coin-cell battery, 6.8mm in size and 3mAH. The recommended battery is a Seiko Instruments MS621T [ Digi-Key 728-1078-ND]
    14191425The shelf life of the battery defines how long the GSC retains power and thus its settings such as the RTC when board power is removed and depends on the version of the GSC:
    14201426 * GSCv3 (Newport and newer Ventana models): approximately 5.7 years
    14241430== Battery Replacement
    14251432Battery Replacement Details:
    1426  * A BR1225 coin cell battery is used.
     1433 * A BR1225 coin cell battery is used. (older models)
     1434  * Newer models use a Seiko Instruments MS621T [ Digi-Key 728-1078-ND] (described above)
    14271435 * While primary board power is removed, the GSC battery can be removed for about 10 seconds before power is lost to the GSC.  This gives you a small window of time to replace the battery without losing data such as RTC values. If longer then 10 seconds then the GSC will be reset.
    14281436 * !Laguna/Ventana ('''does not apply to Newport boards'''): If battery is replaced while board power is off, '''you must apply board power momentarily afterwards to reset the GSC into the proper operational state. If power is not applied the drain on the battery will be fairly large and will deplete the battery within about 3-4 weeks.'''.