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Intel 82574

The Intel 82574 is often used in a GBE mini pci(e) card

For the Intel 82574 you need the E1000E driver which we don't install by default. Do not get this confused with the E1000 driver. They are not the same. You can enable it via OpenWrt by the following in your OpenWrt buildroot directory (trunk):

make menuconfig
Network Devices -> Intel(R) PRO/1000 PCIe cards kernel support = y
The new images in bin/cns3xxx would now contain the driver. You could use the new driver by:

a) use sysupgrade to update to the new image
b) manually upgrade your rootfs
c) install the kmod-e1000 ipk in the bin/cns3xxx/packages directory by copying it to your target and using opkg install <ipk>

That should give you an eth1 device.

Possible Cards

The below is a list of possible cards that may work:

  1. Commell MPX-574D
  2. Advantech PCM-24R1TP

Additionally, USB ethernet is another option: usbethernet

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