U-Boot Bootloader

Gateworks supports the U-Boot Bootloader for the Malibu product family.

The purpose of a bootloader is to load the Linux kernel and execute it passing it configuration parameters such as an optional kernel command-line, an optional initial ramdisk filesystem, and a device-tree.

The following items are supported in the Gateworks U-Boot for Malibu:

  • eth0 (RGMII)
  • USB Host mode (USB Mass Storage and USB Networking for various USB Ethernet adapters supported by U-Boot
  • eMMC / microSD

The following items are not currently supported in the Gateworks U-Boot for Malibu:

  • PCIe support
  • USB device mode support (for USB OTG)

Additional resources:

see uboot for more info

Restoring defaults

The Malibu boot firmware has a copy of the original U-Boot env that was created during build time.

To restore default bootloader environment variables:

  • At the "Hit any key to stop autoboot:" prompt press any key.
  • Execute the following command:
    run restore_env && reset

Editing the environment

If you would like to modify the default environment you can edit the malibu.env in the Malibu BSP.

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