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    263263Updates on the root filesystem are very use specific. You can use a package manager, or use multiple rootfs partitions on the FLASH selected by U-Boot when setting up the bootargs passed to the kernel. A common way to to this would be to use U-Boot variables as flags and counters that are altered within Linux via the fw_setenv/fw_printenv tools from the U-Boot {{{u-boot-tools}}} package. You can see example usages in the Newport BSP newport/Makefile.
     266= Creating a microSD recovery image =
     267If your primary boot won't boot for some reason (ie, you corrupted it during development) you can boot from a microSD (see [#bootdevice here]).
     269To create a bootable microSD meant for recovery purposes only needing the Bootloader you can use [ firmware-newport.img]:
     270 * On a Linux host:
     272DEVICE=/dev/sdc # set to the microSD on your host
     273sudo dd if=firmware-newport.img of=$DEVICE
     275  - '''Be careful to set the DEVICE above to the device the microSD appears as on your Linux host - you do not want to overwrite part of your hosts filesystem'''
     276 * On a Newport board booted from eMMC from U-Boot:
     278mmc list # if booted from eMMC you should see microSD as dev 1
     279mmc dev 1 # select microSD
     280tftpboot ${loadaddr} firmware-newport.img && mmc write ${loadaddr} 0 8000