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    5757== Software ==
    5858 * [#firmware Firmware (up to and including the Bootloader)]
     59 * [#bootloader U-Boot Bootloader]
    5960 * [#bsp Newport Board Support Packages and Operating Systems]
    6061 * [#linux Linux kernel support]
    141142Boards with an Alternate boot device also have a boot watchdog such that if the current boot device fails to boot within 30 seconds, the board will power cycle primary power and attempt boot from the other boot device.
     146== U-Boot Bootloader ==
     147Gateworks supports the U-Boot Bootloader for the Newport product family. We provide pre-built firmware images (see [#firmware above) as well as source for building and/or modifying it yourself.
     149One of the primary features of the Bootloader is to provide access to the {{{hwconfig}}} environment variable that the firmware uses for initial board configuration on power-up.
     152=== hwconfig ===
     153The U-Boot Bootloader by convention provides a {{{hwconfig}}} environment variable which is used by the firmware (before U-Boot is loaded and executed) to configure board options at power-up. These options can include things such as:
     154 * miniPCIe socket functions (ie PCIe vs mSATA vs USB 3.0)
     155 * serial configuration (ie RS232 vs RS485)
     158==== hwconfig: miniPCIe Socket Configuration ====
     159Newport board model socket options:
     160 * GW630x:
     161   - J9: PCIe
     162   - J10: PCIe or SATA
     163   - J11: PCIe or USB 3.0
     165You can get/set the {{{hwconfig}}} variable within the U-Boot bootloader but you must reboot the board for it to take effect as the variable is acted upon in the Secondary Program Loader (SPL).
     168 * GW630x:
     169  - J10 PCIe, J11 PCIe (default)
     171setenv hwconfig 'j10:pcie;j11:pcie'; saveenv
     173  - J10 mSATA, J11 USB 3.0
     175setenv hwconfig 'j10:sata;j11:usb'; saveenv
     177  - J9/J10 disabled, J11 PCIe
     179setenv hwconfig 'j9:disabled;j10:disabled;j11:pcie'; saveenv
     182'''Note that {{{hwconfig}}} is also used for serial configuration so care should be taken to preserve that configuration if used'''
     185==== hwconfig: serial Configuration ====
     186Many boards in the Newport product family provide a 5-pin off-board serial connector that provides the following options:
     187- 1x RS485 FD (UART2)
     188- 1x RS485 HD (UART2)
     189- 1x RS232 w/ hardware flow control (UART2)
     190- 2x RS232 w/o hardware flow control (UART2/UART3)
     192By default 2x RS232 with no flow control is enabled. To configure a different option use the {{{hwconfig}}} U-Boot env variable. The {{{mode}}} property of the {{{serial}}} option defines the initial configuration of the serial port(s). If RS485 is selected by the {{{mode}}} property the {{{term}}} property will select whether or not on-board termination is enabled.
     194The {{{mode}}} property can have the following values:
     195 * rs232 - 2x RS232 (UART2/UART3) without hardware flow control (default if not specified)
     196 * rs232_dtr - RS232 (UART2) with hardware flow control
     197 * rs485_hd - RS485 half-duplex
     198 * rs485_fd - RS485 full-duplex
     201 * enable RS485 half duplex no on-board termination
     203setenv hwconfig "serial:mode=rs485_hd,term=no"; saveenv
     205 * enable RS485 full duplex with on-board termination
     207setenv hwconfig "serial:mode=rs485_fd,term=yes"; saveenv
     209* enable RS232 with hardware flow-control:
     211setenv hwconfig "serial:mode=rs232_dtr"; saveenv
     215'''Note that {{{hwconfig}}} is also used for serial configuration so care should be taken to preserve that configuration if used'''