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Venice Errata

The below errata only affects certain models and certain revisions.

Please contact support@… with any questions.

VN1 eth0 LED's dim


  • The Link speed and activity LED's on the eth0 RJ45 are insufficiently illuminated.


  • This is resolved on PCB 02210198-02 (GW730x-C) (Rev C)

Affected Product:

  • GW730x-B (PCB 02210198-01)

VN2: GSC lockup


  • An errata in the MSP430FR5847 used as the GSC (GSCv3) for Venice single board computers can cause unexpected GSC lockup events. The effects of a GSC lockup can be described as:
    • failure of board to boot due to inability to read board I2C EEPROM
    • failure to read the I2C RTC and update the system time
    • failure to adjust ARM CPU core voltage regulator during cpu frequency changes
    • loss of RTC and GSC register configuration

Affected Product:

  • GW7xxx


  • Update boards to GSC firmware v60

Fixed in:

  • GSC firmware v60
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