Change History for venice/firmware

Version Date Author Comment
17 9 months Tim Harvey use non-versioned compressed disk image files
16 9 months Tim Harvey general cleanup pass
15 9 months Tim Harvey move firmware version info to bottom of page
14 9 months Tim Harvey update compressed disk image details instructions (no longer soc …
13 9 months Tim Harvey update pre-built image section
12 11 months Tim Harvey update JTAG image information
11 16 months Ryan Erbstoesser add in some jtag info
10 18 months Tim Harvey add details about SoC differences between boards
9 20 months Ryan Erbstoesser add lines for serverip
8 2 years Tim Harvey updated wiki instructions for imx8mm vs imx8mn
7 2 years Cale Collins fixed typo
6 2 years Cale Collins added notes to describe prebuilt firmware images.
5 2 years Cale Collins added note that volume must be unmounted for dd write.
4 2 years Tim Harvey fix typo
3 2 years Ryan Erbstoesser add ip instructions
2 3 years Tim Harvey updated image flashing instructions to including Linux as well as …
1 3 years Tim Harvey initial page