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added instructions for building mainline U-Boot


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     221=== Upstream mainline U-Boot Support ===
     222Gateworks is an active participant in the development of U-Boot in order to best support our products. By submitting code to the U-Boot project we ensure:
     223 - our code is peer reviewed
     224 - our users can keep up to date with the latest U-Boot bootloader even if we are not
     225 - nothing is kept proprietary
     227The only patches that we have not mainlined is a small set of patches that allow combined NAND and MMC support in a single SPL/U-Boot. These patches need a bit more work before they would be considered elegant enough for the mainline U-Boot but also they do not add much value for the end user. The reason we use them is so that we can distribute a single SPL/U-Boot image which avoids user confusion determining if they need a **nand** version or **mmc** version of the bootloader.
     229To build the upstream Bootloader you can following the [#building instructions above] with the following differences:
     230 1. clone the mainline U-Boot repo:
     234 2. choose either the **nand** defconfig or the **emmc** defconfig depending on the flash storage on your Ventana board:
     235  * NAND based boards: GW54xx/GW53xx/GW52xx/GW51xx/GW551x/GW552x/GW553x
     237make gwventana_nand_defconfig
     239  * eMMC based boards:
     241make gwventana_emmc_defconfig
     244The primary reasons for using the mainline U-Boot over the Gateworks branches would be:
     245 * if you need a newer feature
     246 * if you are using HAB for secure boot and need a smaller SPL for code signing purposes
    222250== Programming / Installing U-Boot ==