Windows Embedded Compact 7 ( WEC7 )

Not recommended for new designs. Discontinued

This page is to document the use of Windows Embedded Compact 7 on Gateworks Ventana Single Board Computers.


  • Gateworks has worked with Adeneo Embedded to provide the WEC7 port.
  • Gateworks is able to provide a working binary to Gateworks customers
  • All source code should be acquired through Adeneo. (fee)


  • Currently supported on the Ventana GW5400. Contact support for support on other Ventana boards.
  • Bootable on MicroSd

Features supported:

  • HDMI Output (without audio)
  • LVDS
  • USB OTG port in Host mode
  • USB peripheral support:
    • Bluetooth HCI - Mouse / Keyboard
    • Mouse / Keyboard
    • USB Mass Storage
  • MicroSD
  • eth0 (not eth1)
  • RS232 Serial Console

For additional features, please contact Adeneo for quotes.


Please contact for WEC7 binaries.

There are 2 files that are needed:

  1. A nb0 file (a different file for HDMI vs LVDS displays)
  2. shared.dat


  1. Format MicroSD card with FAT
  2. Place 2 files on the card, nb0 shared.dat
  3. Place card into Ventana board
  4. Power Ventana board
  5. Break into bootloader
  6. At bootloader command prompt type:
    fatload mmc 0 10000000 shared.dat &&
    fatload mmc 0 10200000 NK_Ventana.nb0 &&
    dcache off &&
    icache off &&
    go 10200000
  7. Possible to boot by default. Modify mmc_boot variable with these lines:
    setenv mmc_boot 'fatload mmc 0 10000000 shared.dat &&; fatload mmc 0 10200000 NK.nb0 &&; dcache off &&; icache off &&; go 10200000'
  8. saveenv to save changes if desired
  9. Restart board

Please contact with any questions.

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