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    18 == Getting started with mesh ==
     18== Getting started with Mesh ==
    1919There are many variables in mesh networking, thus there's not an all purpose approach for how a mesh network should be configured.  It will require research to decide what hardware and software configuration will fit your needs closest. 
    2828The first thing to consider is what radio to use, not all radios support mesh and some that do will require specific kernel versions or firmware to accomplish this.  The best source of information will be the radio manufacturer — something to consider when selecting a radio is the level of support that will be available.  Linux kernel mailing lists should be used as a primary resource if you suspect there's an issue with the driver, kernel, or radio firmware.  WLE900VX is an excellent choice of radio and is available from the [ Gateworks store].  This radio has been tested to work with 4.14, 4.20, and 5.4 kernels.  A second radio which has been tested by Gateworks is the WPEQ-261ACNI(BT), this card is half length and includes bluetooth.  According to the manufacturer this card will only mesh in kernel versions 5.3 and newer, and only when using a custom built wpa_supplicant.  When creating a mesh network not all radios need to be the same model, we have tested creating a mesh network using a combination of these two radio models successfully.
    30 Recommended WiFi Radio:
     30Recommended !WiFi Radio:
    3131 * [ Gateworks GW17032 - Compex WLE900VX 802.11AC Radio]
    4646During testing attach antennas or attenuators depending on the proximity of the radios.  Without a strong clean signal the network may behave unpredictably. 
    48 === Configuring your Operating System / BSP ===
     48== Configuring your Operating System / BSP
    5050Beyond the aforementioned steps providing anything more than general pointers would be impractical. There are many variables in how hardware can behave, what works in one case will cause a different configuration to fail.  The following guidance is intended for those using Ath10k radios. 
    190190iw mesh0 station dump
    192 === Pre-built image ===
    193 Gateworks does not offer an official pre-built image for mesh networking.  The .img.gz that was used for testing with Newport is linked below.   
     192== Pre-built Software Image
     193Gateworks standard pre-built images do not normally include the options for mesh networking.
     195For convenience, the software image .img.gz that was used for testing with a Newport SBC is linked below.   
     197[ Newport Mesh Pre-Built .img.gz]