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    9292Radio's configured to be used in a Prism-FES all have EEPROM values programmed in to only allow a maximum of 10dBm output (per chain). '''Anything higher will damage the frequency translator'''. For this reason, Prism-FES's that are using ath10k are '''recommended to stay away from using the STA firmware (999.999.0.636)''' as we found that this firmware does not honor the EEPROM settings and configures the radio to output much higher than 10dBm.
     94''' FES Power Discussion '''
     96For example, the GW6100 can support approximately 8W of power to the Mini-PCIe slot (at 3.3V).
     98The Doodle Labs radio requires around 2W for the radio portion which should work fine in the Mini-PCIe site.
     100For the FES amplifier you will need and additional 16W of power which would be over the limit of what we can provide from the slot.
     102Doodle Labs does however have an optional DC/DC converter (6-38V input) which can be used to power the FES directly from your VIN supply. See the following link for picture of the DC/DC:
     104By using the optional DC/DC you can also mount the FES away from the board to optimize your thermal solution. The FES is pretty small and generates a lot of heat so I would suggest mounting it directly to your enclosure for maximum heat transfer and then you can cable from the radio to the FES.
     106If the Doodle Labs DC/DC doesn't fit your design needs there are lots of other vendors that make DC/DC modules that you could use for the FES power. As an example see the following link:
    94108==== Part Numbering Scheme ====