Video Output on OpenWrt

As of OpenWrt 16.02, we have introduced rudimentary support for display output. Display output for the i.MX IPU was only recently added to the Linux Kernel for HDMI and LVDS. Since our OpenWrt 16.02 BSP is on a newer 4.4.0 kernel, we were able to take advantage of this.

Please see linux/display for details on configuring the output for OpenWrt.

User Interface

By default, we provided a simple framebuffer console for a user to interact with. On boot, if HDMI or LVDS displays were detected, OpenWrt will open a getty on it and prompt the user with Please press Enter to activate this console.. After hitting enter on a USB keyboard, the user is able to interact with the OpenWrt serial console. To disable or change this feature, please view ​this patch. The line 'tty1::askfirst:/bin/ash --login' may be removed if you want to disable this feature or changed to allow for something else. For a small overview of this, please visit ​this OpenWrt page.

For example, if you want to keep the framebuffer console for user interaction, but want to add a login prompt, you will have to follow the advice found ​here[3]. You will have to add the 'busybox' version of the login utility, then switch whatever TTY's you want to have password protection to using it.


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