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    34 == Gateworks GW3021 IP67 Outdoor Enclosure ==
    35 The GW3021 enclosure is IP67 rated enclosure for outdoor installations of Gateworks 4x4 and 4x6 Laguna, Newport and Ventana network processing boards. The GW3021 provides complete protection against the ingress of dust (6) and water when immersed to 1m for up to 30 minutes (7). The enclosure includes four antenna connectors and two shielded weatherproof RJ-45 Ethernet connectors. The antenna connectors are located at the four corners to increase spatial diversity and decrease RF grounding to the mounting mast. Power is supplied to the unit through the Ethernet connector using a passive PoE injector or PoE power supply. The enclosure includes a pole mount bracket, processor heat sink and a long life, ball bearing fan to reduce thermal hot spots by circulating the air inside the enclosure. The enclosure comes fully assembled and ready to go with all mounting hardware.
    36  * Note fan connector was designed for Laguna SBCs. For other board families, please cut wires and install appropriate connector. The fan is a standard 5V DC fan and can be used with PWM or just directly powered by 5.0V. The fan will require around 50mA so just connecting to a DIO with PWM ability will not work, one would need to add in a FET if they are going to PWM the fan. The alternative is to just connect the fan directly to 5V. Contact Gateworks support to find out if and where 5V is available on the SBC that is being used.
    37  * Note: GW10091 Adapter plate required for Ventana/Newport SBCs, shown [#GW10091 below]
    39 [[Image(gw3021.gif)]][[BR]]
    42 [=#GW10091]
    43 === Gateworks IP67 Outdoor Enclosure with Ventana / Newport GW10091 Adapter Plate ===
    44 Below is the GW10091 adapter plate mounted in the Outdoor Enclosure.
    46 A few items to note:
    47  1. The holes drilled closest to the edge on the far right are on the opposite side as the fan
    48  1. The holes drilled closest to the edge on the bottom face the ethernet ports.
    49  1. There is no spacer to be used between the GW10091 mounting plate and the actual enclosure.
    50  1. The Gateworks board should be mounted with ethernet ports on the bottom
    52 [[BR]]
    53 [[Image(ventanamountingplate.png)]][[BR]]
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    55 [[Image(mountplate.jpg)]][[BR]]
    57 [[Image(enclosure5200.jpg)]]
    59 }}}
    6135== Labels