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GW16122 - Mini-PCIe Radio for Internet of Things - IoT

Software Disclaimer: This hardware was designed from a Texas Instruments Reference design. Thus, all software support is community supported through Texas Instruments.


This wiki page is about the Gateworks GW16122 IoT Radio Card that is based off the TI CC1352P Reference design.

Getting Started

This wiki page is a general overview of the GW16122.

The hardware and software requirements are below.

Hardware Requirements

All items purchased separately

Hardware Pinout

The pins uses adhere to the formal Mini-PCIe specification. PCIe signalling is not used, only USB. See below schematic for the Mini-PCIe pins used for the GW16122.

  • Gnd
  • 3.3
  • USB+ Pin 36
  • USB- Pin 38

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All software information to use the GW16122-B and newer should be found on the Gateworks CC135x wiki page. This is because the CC135x chip is used on many designs.

GW16222 revision A used the CC1350 chip. The GW16122 revision B and onwards uses the CC1352P chip.

The typical OS used is Ubuntu. Various different firmwares exist for the CC1352 chip.

For detailed software information , please go to Gateworks CC135x wiki page

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